IMPORTANT – MESSAGE  (St. Mary & Our Lady of Hope)

COVID-19 Restrictions – New Public Health Orders

As of Tuesday, March 15th, there are no longer any capacity restrictions.  

Proof of vaccination is not required to attend Mass.

Masks and social distancing are still highly recommended for indoor gatherings.  Remain cautious! 

(If you have any symptoms of illness, you should stay at home.)

For more information or assistance, please call Father René at the Parish Office (204-268-2453).


May 15th, 2022  (Fifth Sunday of Easter)


            Life is not a tragedy but a comedy.  That does not mean it is a farce, or that we are being laughed at.   It means that in spite of all the possibilities for tragedy, life has a happy ending, thanks be to God in Jesus Christ.  Moreover, we are not just forcing down the main course in order to get the dessert in heaven.  No, God is with us here, now.  We are not just “going up”;  God is always “coming down” to meet us here, to build the new Jerusalem.  Now, God is making the whole creation new.

            Once more there is mention of tears, the tears God knows, the tears God will wipe away from our eyes.  The psalmist writes : “You have kept count of my tossings;  put my tears in your bottle.” (Psalm 56.8)  No sorrow of ours goes unnoticed by God’s compassion.

            It is the Spirit of God’s love who creates us through our tears.  That is why in this Sunday’s three readings we hear three urgent calls : to faith in the first, to hope in the second, to love in the third.


May 8th, 2022  (Fourth Sunday of Easter – World Day of Prayer for Vocations)


            “O, when the saints go marchin’ in… I want to be in that number…”  That multitude that no one can count, who followed the Lord, stand before the throne and before the Lamb, robed in white.  The readings from the Book of Revelation keep before our eyes the resurrection life we have already begun to live.  In fact, the Church prays : “In Jesus Christ… we are already seated at your right hand.  We look forward to praising you in the fellowship of all you saints…”

            We are the hungry, the thirsty, the persecuted, the weeping, the homeless whom God shelters and “will wipe away every tear from their eyes”.  We know them.  There are many.  Perhaps I am one…!

            It is through many dangers, toils, snares, and trials that we come into God’s house.  But no one – Jesus repeats it – no one can snatch us out of his hand.  This is a time of joy and consolation then, as it was for the early persecuted church.  

            Already here too we can foreshadow the new Jerusalem by drying eyes that weep, feeding the hungry, opening the door or offering shelter to the homeless, who also hopes to be in that number…


The Sacrament of Reconciliation

is available by appointment or after Saturday and weekday masses in Beausejour and after the Sunday Mass in Anola.  To help you prepare, a sheet with an ‘Examination of conscience’ outline is available at the church entrance (or at the parish office).


"Father Stu" - A Film to Consider Viewing

Still in theatres in Manitoba after four weeks, the film Father Stu has been praised by a number of Catholic media. The film, directed by Rosalind Ross, tells the true story of Stuart Long (played by Mark Wahlberg), a quasi-alcoholic American boxer who first becomes interested in Catholicism in order to woo a young woman who is committed to her faith.  Stuart Long takes RCIA courses primarily to deepen this relationship, but a car accident becomes a spiritual turning point for him, to the point where he discerns a vocation to the priesthood.  This conversion is not a happy ending, however, but rather the beginning of a life of Christian and priestly commitment marked by considerable trials.  To read a review of the film by Steven Greydanus, deacon and critic for Catholic World Report and the website, click here.  Please note that this film is not for children, due to its harsh language and a script that explores the gray areas of this unique priest's life.  To read about the life of the real Father Stuart Long, click here.


St Mary Parish needs your help!

We need people to be lectors, ushers or greeters, Mass coordinators and Mass collection counters.

People with an interest in Music are welcome to join the music ministry.

People with abilities in technology are welcome to help with the sound system, the video system, the recording of Masses and office computer troubleshooting.

People with communication skills could help with the bulletin and Website, updating information and adding new content.

The Church office needs help with filing and organizing, updating parishioner information, recording cemetery information.

People are needed to help with building and grounds maintenance

We would like to schedule parish families to do weekly cleaning in the church.  If everyone agrees to help, you will only need to help once a year!  If you can’t do it, maybe you can arrange to get someone to do it for you!

If you can help with any of the above tasks or have questions, please call the church office 204-268-2453 or Barb Kiazyk 204-268-1972 or leave your name on the forms at the church.


Knights of Columbus film St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father – Available online

A Providential renewal has come upon the Church with respect to understanding and praying to St. Joseph. To help the faithful in continuing their devotion to St. Joseph, the Knights of Columbus is offering its newest film, St. Joseph : Our Spiritual Father, for all to watch – at no cost. The film has received raving reviews and is rich in inspiring testimonials, including these words from Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly, “The example of St. Joseph teaches us that we really find ourselves when we live for others.”

Visit to watch the film or learn more.



Fraudulent emails requesting a favour or money are once again being circulated using my name or the name of other Pastors (priests).  Do not respond to them!


Diocesan Ordinations Photo Galleries

Paul (Hung Tuan) Nguyen was ordained to the Diaconate on Friday, June 4, at Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens Parish.

To view photos of this happy event for our diocese, click here.

Christian Illunga Mutombo was ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, June 5, at St. Boniface Cathedral.

Access the photo gallery of this solemn celebration by clicking here.


Let us “come together” in praying the Rosary

We know of the power of prayer and that in the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, we have the greatest of intercessors.  Like a loving mother, Mary, who cares for us and listens to us, carries our prayers to her beloved Son, Jesus, our risen Lord and Saviour.  Our Lord hears every sincere prayer!  In these trying times let us place our hope and trust in Him.

I invite all parishioners (families, couples, individuals) of St. Mary and Our Lady of Hope, from your homes, to unite in praying the Rosary every day at 11:00 am.  If you wish, you can have a different intention for each decade.  Here are some suggestions.  Let us pray : for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic;  that all people in our communities be kept safe;  for all who have died due to the virus and those who mourn their death;  for all infected by COVID-19 and those who care for them;  for the protection of all frontline health-care workers; …

Our Lady of LaSalette … pray for us.

Our Lady of Hope … pray for us.